Protecting Loved Ones.

Daphne, Alisa, Cathy and Jill

Daphne, Alisa, Cathy and Jill

Olivetti, McCray & Withrow, LLC

What happens when someone you love is no longer capable of making their own decisions regarding their finances and their health? What if that loved one has not prepared a durable power of attorney that addresses this issue?

You may need to be appointed as a guardian and/or a conservator for a loved one who is incapable of making sound decisions due to a medical condition, a disability or other extenuating circumstances. It may be strategic to serve in both roles in order to make informed medical and financial decisions for someone you love.

We’re here to help you navigate the process and to plan for the future. Our Hilton Head Island attorneys can provide the legal guidance you need to make sure you can act on behalf of an adult or child who is depending upon you. We take this responsibility seriously and are committed to providing the high-quality counsel your family deserves.

We’re passionate about helping our clients develop the right solutions for their unique needs. Let us help you determine the best course of action to protect your loves ones and to make sure that their needs will be taken care of at every stage of life.








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